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Discovery of alien life might not bring the response you’d expect –
“War of the Worlds. “Independence Day.” “Pacific Rim.” Hollywood is no stranger to tales of space aliens, and most seem...
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Scientists discover painting hidden behind Picasso masterpiece – The Independent

The Independent
Scientists examining a work by Pablo Picasso using x-ray technology have discovered that he painted it over a landscape...
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After 5000 Sols, What’s Next For The Opportunity Rover? – Forbes

Technically, that's 5,000 Martian sols; a sol is about 40 minutes longer than an Earth day. Either way, the 5,000-day...
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SpaceX launch: Will Virgin Galactic take on Elon Musk in space race? –
SPACEX could be outmanoeuvred by Virgin Galactic if Richard Branson has his way after the Virgin boss admitted to being...
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Huge black hole discovery stuns scientists – Morning Ticker

Morning Ticker
Scientists have discovered that supermassive black holes are outgrowing their own galaxies, and they are not sure why. A...