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Northern lights in the UK this evening – Week Facts

Week Facts
This evening, you'll be able to view the Northern Lights In the UK as a solar flare from the...
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Scientists stunned by huge light discovery – Morning Ticker

Morning Ticker
Scientists have found a way to create an entirely new form of light that could result in breakthroughts in...
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Research: A solar storm is on a collision course with Earth – Tdnews

A solar storm is forecast to hit Earth after the sun unleashed a powerful solar flare — a burst of...
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Why Haven’t We Found Life On Mars Yet? It Might Help To Send Instruments That Can Detect It – None Sent Since 1970s – Science 2.0

Science 2.0
We have been sending missions to Mars since the Mariner 4 flyby in 1964, and our first successful landing...
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Something massive just happened on the Sun – Morning Ticker

Morning Ticker
A huge solar storm has erupted on the surface of the sun, and the radiation is speeding toward Earth...